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We, Christian students, acknowledging our identity as Christians and confessing our faith with the Body of Christ, enact this Constitution to inform and empower a faithful witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the campus of Truman State University. It is our purpose to enable a community of believers through education in the Holy Scriptures and the teachings of the Lutheran Church to serve and witness to the campus and the community. We pray for God’s divine guidance as we seek these principles in faith and love.

Article 1: Name

The name of this organization shall be Lutheran Student Fellowship at Truman State University and shall be referred to hereafter as LSF. LSF shall be a recognized organization on the campus of Truman State University.

Article 2: Purpose

The following shall be the purposes of LSF:

  1. To provide effective channels of study, assembly, discussion, and action in order to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the campus of Truman State University and the community at large;
  2. To encourage active participation in the life and mission of Faith Lutheran Church, Kirksville, Missouri;
  3. To actively promote and enable understanding of the teachings of the Lutheran Church.
  4. To enable participation in service to students, faculty, the university, and the community;
  5. To engage in dialog and cooperation with fellow Christians and Christian organizations;
  6. To establish a strong witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to non-Christian persons and organizations.
  7. To provide an encouraging, strong, and safe Christian haven for students near campus.

Article 3: Membership

For the purposes of voting, all persons shall be considered members of LSF if they are regularly active in an LSF activity. A Regularly active member is one who strives to participate in regular events, Bible studies, general assembly meetings, or committee activities whenever possible. The primary contact person must be a student member of the organization. Only members who are Truman students are allowed to hold office or have voting privileges. If a member becomes inactive as described above, they will be withdrawn from the active roster. If a member is noted to be overtly blasphemous or comes to any meeting of the organization in a drunken or drug-induced state they will receive a warning for the first offense and be removed/expelled from the organization after 3 offenses.   

Article 4: Officers

  1. Offices – The offices of LSF shall be President, Director of Ministries, Director of Events, Director of Service, Director of Fundraising, Director of Public Relations, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian.
  2. Elections – Officers of LSF shall be elected by a vote of the assembled members of LSF in the following manner:
    1. Quorum – All officers must be elected by a majority of the assembled members.
    2. Eligibility – All officers must be members of LSF currently enrolled in Truman State University.
    3. Procedure – All officer elections shall proceed as follows:
      1. Nominations will be opened at the General Assembly prior to elections. Nominations for each office will be closed at the beginning of the candidates’ speeches for each office. Nominations for a position cannot be accepted after the candidates have left the room and the first candidate’s speech has begun.
      2. After the nominations for a position have been closed, all candidates, except the first nominated, shall leave the room for the first candidate’s speech. Presidential candidates will have the floor for 5 minutes and all other positions shall be allotted 3 minutes. Time will be kept by the Secretary.
      3. Assembly members may ask questions to each candidate after he or she has completed his or her speech, once the member has been acknowledged by the Secretary. Questioning for Presidential candidates shall last for up to 5 minutes and 3 minutes for all other positions. Again, time will be kept by the Secretary.
      4. Following questions, each candidate will leave the room to join the other candidates and the assembly shall discuss each candidate individually. Discussion for Presidential candidates shall last for up to 5 minutes and 3 minutes for all other positions. Time will be kept by the Secretary.
      5. Voting will take place by secret ballot, and ballots will be tallied by the LSF Secretary. Voting members must be physically in the room at the time of the election of each officer. (There shall be no voting by proxy.)
      6. If more than two candidates are running for any office, the first vote cast shall eliminate all candidates except the two candidates who received the most votes. When the current President casts his/her ballots, he/she shall star (*) to indicate to the Secretary that the ballot belongs to the President. When counting ballots, the Secretary shall not count the President’s ballot in the final tally unless there is a tie between the two final candidates of the second vote, and then the President’s vote shall break the tie.
      7. If two candidates are running for any office, the candidate who receives a majority of votes shall be elected.
      8. If only one candidate is running for any office, a vote of approval will be cast for the candidate by the assembly. The candidate must still receive a majority of votes from the assembly to be elected.
  3. Term Served – All officers shall be elected to a term of no more than one year. Officers may be reelected. No person may serve in two officer level positions at the same time.
  4. Responsibilities – The responsibilities of the officers of LSF shall be as follows:
    1. President – The President shall be responsible for presiding over meetings of the Executive Board and Assembly meetings, coordinating the overall activities of LSF, and making day-to-day decisions regarding the administration of LSF.
    2. Secretary – The Secretary shall keep the minutes of each regular meeting of the Executive Board. The Secretary shall be responsible for tallying of votes at assembly meetings.
    3. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall manage all the finances of LSF. The Treasurer must receive the approval of the Executive Board before paying out amounts of more than $50 (fifty dollars). Upon each regular meeting of the Executive Board, the Treasurer shall provide a complete and accurate report of all financial transactions.
    4. Historian – The Historian shall be responsible for day-to-day correspondence of LSF. The Historian shall also preserve a permanent record of each year for LSF. The Historian shall make a report upon every second regular meeting of the Executive Board.
    5. Director of Ministries – The Director of Ministries shall provide for the exploration and exposition of the faith of the members of LSF and the community at large through the establishment of small groups, Bible studies, regular worship opportunities, and other regular Christian events. The Director of Ministries shall make a report upon each regular meeting of the Executive Board. The DoM shall head the Te Deum committee and plan weekly Te Deums (Big and Mini). The DoM shall select persons to organize Men’s and Women’s ministries.
    6. Director of Events – The Director of Events shall coordinate retreats, fellowship activities, and other extraordinary activities for LSF. The Director of Events shall make a report upon each regular meeting of the Executive Board. The DoE shall head the Events committee.
    7. Director of Service – The Director of Service shall coordinate the service activities for LSF and will organize CROP Walk, 30-Hour Famine, Relay for Life, and the annual Spring Break Trip. The Director of Service shall make a report upon each regular meeting of the Executive Board. The DoS shall head the Service Committee.
    8. Director of Public Relations – The Director of Public Relations shall maintain contact with other campus ministry organizations, as well as coordinate promotion on- and off-campus for all LSF events. The Director of Public Relations shall also be responsible for the production of a regularly published newsletter and the maintenance of the LSF web site.
    9. Director of Fundraising – The Director of fundraising shall be responsible for the fundraising efforts of LSF, which include but are not limited to Sunday Night Dinners, on-campus dinners, fundraisers with local businesses and Faith Lutheran, and letter writing campaigns. The Director of Fundraising shall make a report upon each regular meeting of the Executive Board. The Director of Fundraising shall head the Fundraising committee.
    10. Additional Responsibilities – All officers must accept the responsibility of being a living witness and representative of the entire organization of LSF, and must conduct themselves accordingly. All officers are encouraged to attend all meetings of the Executive Board.
  5. Resignation – Resignation from an office of LSF shall be presented personally to the Executive Board.
  6. Removal – Any officer of LSF may be removed from office by the vote of two-thirds of the assembled members of LSF. Any meeting to remove an officer must be prominently posted at the Lutheran Campus Center two weeks prior to the meeting.
  7. Vacancy – If an office of LSF becomes vacant, by resignation or removal, the Executive Board shall appoint a replacement until an assembly of members of LSF can meet to elect a new officer.


Article 5: Executive Board

  1. Members – The LSF Executive Board shall consist of all officers of LSF provided in Article 4. The pastor of Faith Lutheran Church and all members of the Faith Lutheran Church Board of Campus Ministry may also serve as exofficio (nonvoting) members.
  2. Powers – Administrative decisions for LSF shall be made by the LSF Executive Board. The Executive Board shall have the power to exercise financial and administrative decisions, to form and dissolve committees, and to act in all ordinary cases on behalf of LSF
  3. Meetings – The Executive Board shall meet weekly or biweekly, at its discretion, and the times and places of its meetings shall be prominently posted. All meetings of the Executive Board shall be open to the public.
  4. Overturning Decisions – A vote of two-thirds of the assembled members of LSF may overturn any decision made by the Executive Board.


Article 6: Oversight and Affiliation

  1. Oversight – LSF shall be overseen by the Board of Campus Ministry of Faith Lutheran Church and by the pastor of Faith Lutheran Church.
  2. Affiliation – LSF shall be affiliated with Faith Lutheran Church, Kirksville, Missouri.
  3. Advisors – The Executive Board, when in agreement with the Board of Campus Ministry, may appoint faculty advisors to assist in the purposes of LSF.
  4. Other Organizations – The Executive Board may enter into affiliations, partnerships, and associations with other organizations.


Article 7: Finances   

    1. Dues No member shall be required to pay dues. Faculty members can give donations but cannot be required to pay dues. 
    2. Fundraising – The organization shall derive its operating funds from the voluntary contributions and fundraising efforts of the members. 
    3. Expenditures – All expenses need to be preapproved by the treasurer. Checks may only be signed by the treasurer or the president. 
    4. Dissolution of Funds – Upon termination of the organization,the remaining funds shall be remitted to Faith Lutheran Church of Kirksville, Missouri.  Any remaining funds cannot be distributed among remaining organizational individual members. 

Article 8: Advisor

      1. Appointment – The faculty advisor may be appointed by any member of the Campus Ministry Board and shall be approved by a simple majority of the Campus Ministry Board. 
      2. Qualifications – The faculty advisor shall have a firm understanding of the mission and operations of the organization and express an eager willingness to serve. The faculty advisor must be a faculty member of Truman, as well as a member of Faith Lutheran Church of Kirksville, Missouri. 
      3. Roles and Duties – The faculty advisor shall work closely with members of the organization and provide guidance and support as necessary. They shall attend organization executive meetings. (The faculty advisor cannot reserve rooms under the Lutheran Student Fellowship’s name for activities that are not related or associated to the group they advise). 
      4. Term – The faculty advisor shall serve an indefinite term. The faculty advisor shall inform the Campus Ministry Board if he or she is no longer able to serve or does not wish to serve as advisor to the organization.


Article 9: Risk Management 

  1. Lutheran Student Fellowship fully understands and will abide by the anti-hazing policy as set forth in the Student Conduct Code of Truman State University 8.050.2. Expectations for Student Organization Conduct Section 14: Abusive affiliation.
  2. The president will serve as the risk manager for the members of LSF and strive to reduce the risk for the entire organization in the following areas:
    1. Physical: no activities that the LSF members engage in will place any member at physical harm
    2. Emotional: work in tangent with the acting Director of Ministry to assist any member find any services on campus including the faculty advisor, University Counseling Services, or appropriate members of Faith Lutheran Church in Kirksville, Missouri
    3. Reputational: encouraging members to support and up-lift fellow members and the organization
    4. Financial: working in tangent with the acting treasurer to manage funds appropriately
    5. Facilities: working with the housing coordinators of the Lutheran Campus Center and the Board of Campus Ministry of Faith Lutheran Church to maintain structural integrity and safety of the Lutheran Campus Center 
  3. If an adverse event (risk violation) occurs, the risk manager will alert the proper channels including but not limited to the advisor, the Board of Campus Ministry at Faith Lutheran Church, or Union and Involvement Services.
  4. If a violation of the Truman State University Student Code of Conduct or Title IX occurs, LSF is responsible for reporting the information to the appropriate offices.

Article 10: Amendment and Ratification

  1. Amendment – This Constitution may be amended upon the following procedure:
    1. Clear, conspicuous notice of the exact text of the amendment to be considered shall be prominently posted no less than two weeks prior to the consideration of the amendment.
    2. Members of LSF shall vote on the amendment by secret ballot, and the ballots will be counted by the Secretary.
    3. The approval of two-thirds of the members of LSF must be achieved to amend the constitution.


  1. Ratification – This Constitution shall be ratified upon the vote of two-thirds of the assembled members of LSF.

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